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Während Oliver und seine Freunde Emilio und Rafael neben der Arbeit auf einem...
Diese Geschichte habe ich letztes Jahr begonnen nach Christians Besuch bei Olli in...
Dies ist die Fortsetzung von  "Grüße aus der Vergangenheit" ...
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Hey, everyone!

I'm doing my best to keep the "Make a Wish"-section spam-free, so hopefully it looks a bit tidier now.

- Kairna -

karina on 08/03/2014 13:35
I know I was asking before if someone wanted to take over. For different reasons it didn't work out.
But right now there is the situation that I don't have time to manage this page. It's paid for until November. If nobody wants to take over I will close down the page then. I don't really want to do this since you put a lot of work into your stories, but the page needs so much space now that I have to pay additional money every month. And it's getting to much.

If you are interested in managing the archive, please write me an email:

Thanks, Lilly
Lilly on 09/03/2013 19:39
Real Person Slash

Real Person Slash is not allowed here as it is stated in the rules:

6.Actor/actress stories are not permitted...not even if they're visiting an alternate reality.

karina on 01/18/2011 19:39