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Title: Unpacking Reviewer: Zam Signed


Yup. If Christian is jumping to conclusions about Olli's phone calls, he should have opened the other bedroom door.

This isn't going to end well.



Date: 10/19/2011 07:48 [Report This]
Title: The Hallway Reviewer: Zam Signed

I would have chosen the other door, personally, if I were Christian.

I liked the mental anguish/debate going through.  I was totally on board with both of their impatience to decide on a door.  :)

Nice chapter, Liz!


Date: 10/19/2011 07:40 [Report This]
Title: In the flatshare Reviewer: Zam Signed

Olli's side of this chapter was more fun.  Great opening paragraph in his POV!

Is there any chance Judith might move back to town to bang their heads together?  Pretty please?


Date: 10/19/2011 07:34 [Report This]
Title: Unpacking Reviewer: phoenix Signed

well, that's......interesting.....

thanx for posting another chapter!

Date: 09/30/2011 15:12 [Report This]
Title: The Hallway Reviewer: bel7003 Signed

Liz, I loved that you decided to continue this story.

Their inner conflict is so in character. I can totally see them thinking like that, none of them wanting to lower their guard, but also not wanting to ruin their chances with the other.

And I'm so glad Christian finally caved in and said he wanted to go to their bedroom. Good decision.

Please, update soon. I'm dying to know how they will work things out.

Date: 09/16/2011 23:01 [Report This]
Title: The Hallway Reviewer: phoenix Signed

'Christian added "new gloves" to his mental shopping list!'

loved the subtle work!!

and I'm so glad that they saw reason in the fic, even if their actual counterparts fail at it miserably....


OMG this was so Christian, I LOLed at it!

I'm so happy that you reciprocated to my little nudge so sportingly.

Date: 09/12/2011 19:21 [Report This]
Title: In the flatshare Reviewer: phoenix Signed

more please!! I had been waiting for the next chapter for ages, thank you so much!!!

It is wonderful how you capture their thoughts in a simplistic yet in a very deep way.It feels good to read your story and its a great way for us to imagine how Chrolli must be feeling, as the writers seem to miss out on that quite a bit :(

I encourage you to continue with the good work :)

Date: 08/08/2011 05:33 [Report This]
Title: In the flatshare Reviewer: gelybi Signed

OMG! you can't leave it there! hehehe you're a tease.

Great chapter, Liz. Please update soon, this is getting better and better!

Date: 08/07/2011 19:48 [Report This]
Title: In the flatshare Reviewer: bel7003 Signed

Aaaarrrgh! How could you end the chapter like that?

It's a great chapter, as usual. You really brought up a very good question. Olli asked Christian to come home, but how will they handle this? If they stay in separate rooms, they'll be distant; they won't be like a couple anymore. And if Olli wants them to still be apart, he could have left Christian sleeping in the stud farm.

If they stay in the same room, that means proximity. But will they (specially Olli) be able to handle that?

Maybe they should just sit on the couch and have a serious conversation before they decide what to do. Or they could call Judith. Olli is right. She would definitely bang their heads together for acting like idiots. BTW, I liked that Olli included himself in the "idiots".

I have always thought there were too many rooms in that flat. Now, how will you solve this problem? Can't wait to read more.


Date: 08/07/2011 17:14 [Report This]
Title: Shopping Reviewer: tx3110 Signed

Like this can't wait to read more

Date: 07/11/2011 16:49 [Report This]
Title: Driving home Reviewer: tx3110 Signed

Like this version better than what were watching now Great job!

Date: 07/11/2011 16:43 [Report This]
Title: Shopping Reviewer: Zam Signed

Our boys were able to jump one hurdle together.

That's a start.

It's also nice that the red flags aren't waving quite as vigorously at the moment.


Date: 07/11/2011 07:34 [Report This]
Title: Thinking Alone Reviewer: Zam Signed

A nice bit of remorse from both our boys.  It's nice to see how something as mundane as shopping takes on such significance in the lives of our boys as either the means to bring them back together or the hurdle that prevents it.

I'd like to know what you've got cooking in your mind.


Date: 07/11/2011 07:09 [Report This]
Title: Shopping Reviewer: Nikam Signed

Slowly going back to normal.. that's what is missing in VL with their story. the rythm of their emotions and reactions is unreal. Good story!

Date: 07/08/2011 00:28 [Report This]
Title: Driving home Reviewer: Zam Signed

There's a whole extra course of awkward for our boys served up nice and steamy and hot in this chapter.

I rather like Christian's barbs.  they're honest and they cut deep.  Aside from the questions about Chris' heart, I can sensy the pity from Olli that Chris is wary of, colored by Olli's regret.

Even with all this, this troubled couple has barely scratched the surface of their issues.

This is going to be quite a bumpy ride.


Date: 07/06/2011 07:40 [Report This]
Title: Olli and Christian talk Reviewer: Zam Signed

There is an awful lot of AWKWARD in this chapter.  Mostly the kind that raises red flags.

I kind of want to shout at my computer screen:  "Don't go back to the flat with Olli!"  "Look out behind you!"  "Don't do it!"

The CD was a nice touch, though.  the proverbial apple from the tree of knowledge, a temptation.  Also like the apple Snow White took a bite of.



Date: 07/06/2011 07:38 [Report This]
Title: Olli thinks about what it means Reviewer: Zam Signed

My only quibble here is Olli's short attention span.  Would Helena and Andi be worried about buying boots if Christian was in the hospital.

Clearly, Olli's not doing a lot of thinking right now.

Is he in any condition to be driving?  ;)


Date: 07/06/2011 07:36 [Report This]
Title: Andi and Helena talk to Olli Reviewer: Zam Signed

I think you captured Andi & Helena's combined immaturity pretty well here.  Better to play games than sit Olli down and treat him like an adult.


With friends like them...

No wonder Olli's such a mess.  He has no real support.


Date: 07/06/2011 07:34 [Report This]
Title: Shopping Reviewer: bel7003 Signed

Liz, you're so devious! Leading me to believe Olli had said "no" to Christian's message! Eheh!

But I'm glad he cancelled his plans and went to help Christian with the shopping. And I was really sad that they didn't have white pants. Christian looks stunning in white pants. How are you going to fix this?

And I loved that the tension between them diminished a bit. The wonders of shopping therapy! (LOL)

Please update soon.

Date: 07/05/2011 13:28 [Report This]
Title: Thinking Alone Reviewer: bel7003 Signed

I knew this wasn't going to be easy! There are so many issues to deal with. The boys have to remove all that debris from their path. I guess it will be a bit painful, but if they want to heal their relationship, they must tend to the wounds, first.

Can't wait for the next chapter, Liz. I'm loving this story.

(BTW, maybe Olli should go in and help Christian with the clothes. I guess Christian isn't thinking much about what he's buying and I want him to look drop dead gorgeous for his man.)

Date: 07/03/2011 16:37 [Report This]
Title: Thinking Alone Reviewer: gelybi Signed

As I'm not liking how the actual SL is going at the moment either I'm sooo curious to know where you'll take it. And of course as I'm sure it'll be much better than the show, I'll be waiting impatiently for the next chapter, this one was good and intense. LOVED to see both POV's. They're good talking with themselves, now they should try to talk with each other instead.

Thank you!

Date: 07/03/2011 07:48 [Report This]
Title: Andi and Helena talk to Olli Reviewer: awzluver Signed

great story read it in one go

Date: 06/28/2011 17:02 [Report This]
Title: Driving home Reviewer: bel7003 Signed

Yay! I'm so glad you decided to continue this story! I loved this chapter. Although the first step has been taken (Christian returning home; and I loved that in the previous chapter, Olli said "come home" not "come to the flatshare", or whatever...), it's obvious there are still a lot of issues to be discussed. 

The hurt on both sides is very strong and that last bit about Christian's clothes just made my heart drop to my feet.

I guess there's a lot of work to be put into that relationship.I can't wait to see what will happen next. Please kiss the plot bunnies for me. They're great.

Date: 06/28/2011 15:15 [Report This]
Title: Driving home Reviewer: ncecho Signed

I am so, so happy that the plot bunnies decided to add more to this story. I understand not liking the way the current sl is going because I was thinking the same thing when I wrote mine.  Anyway enjoying the story very much and looking for more from the plot bunnies.

Date: 06/27/2011 04:32 [Report This]
Title: Olli and Christian talk Reviewer: tx3110 Signed

i really wish i would happen like that i miss these two together love your story

Date: 06/06/2011 16:48 [Report This]
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