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Story Notes:

Christian and Olli my favourites they are.

A happy ending for them is never far.

DISCLAIMER: Christian and Olli aren't mine. I don't know Law, or Medicine neither have i been to Germany. SO please forgive legal, medical and geographical mistakes.

SO here i write a tribute to awesome Chrolli love.

FOR UR INFO: when this story starts Christian is 24.

In the flashback that starts in May, 6 yrs earlier he has already turned 18 that April.

(just so everyone knows and For my own safety coz i don't wanna get kicked outta here)

Author's Chapter Notes:

Christian meets his brother's new business partner.


Sitting around doing nothing was so boring. Well it could have been worse he could have been cleaning up the vomit that some kindly patron had left in the bathroom stall. Thankfully now that he had a steady teaching job he didn't have to work for his brother anymore; though he still pitched in whenever required.

When the hell would they land up? He had Papers to grade

Meet and greet the new guy Ugh! He hadn't even met the guy but he definitely hated him already. He hated anyone who kept him waiting.

Why was Gregor making such a big deal about some random guy?

Okay, he wasn't just some random guy.

He was Charlie Schneider's nephew.

Charlie Schneider his brother's silent partner was getting married. So she had decided to hand over her share in No Limits to her nephew who had finally returned to Düsseldorf after 6 long years at sea.

Oh brother if he was anything like Olivia; even a teeny tiny bit like that brunette bimbo Christian would definitely strangle him.

He turned around when he heard Gregor greet Charlie

"Hey my Mann. So he's finally here and we can FINALLY sign some papers." Charlie said as she affectionately kissed Gregor on the cheek.

That lady was just so sweet. After the hard life that she had, she deserved the happiness coming her way. Finally able to get married. Christian felt happy for her. Sascha was a gem of a guy. If Sascha had swung his way Christian would have grabbed him in a heart beat.

Right behind Charlie entered Olivia dressed to the nines. Christian gagged and turned back towards the counter away from the unpleasant sight. He looked at Miriam and asked, "Why did she have to come?" as he rubbed his hand over his face in exasperation.

"I don't know. But I guess it may have something to do with your brother," the waitress smiled sympathetically at him as she wiped and stacked the coffee mugs.

"Here's the man of the hour now, Gregor my nephew Oliver Sabel,"

"I prefer being called Olli," a soft breathy honeyed but distinctly male voice said. It was so familiar, just like a voice he had prayed he'd never hear again.

Curiosity made him turn around to catch glimpse of the newcomer. The blood rushed to his head. He felt dizzy and grabbed the counter to steady himself. Christian couldn't believe his eyes. That was Oliver Sabel. Oh God No! Please No. Not him. Please not him. It couldn't be him. It shouldn't be him. Anyone but HIM.


Chapter End Notes:

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