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Story Notes:



spoilers got completely tangled up in my head and this is the result.

don't know if I shall continue or not.


Christian just wanted to roll over and die.

Why did he always end up being abandoned?

Even the weather was mirroring what he felt inside - completely cold.

As he slowly walked down the jogging path on this cold winter's night he couldn't help but wonder that if he suffered a heart attack right now. Would anyone find him in time?

There was a good chance that they wouldn't.

Lost in his macabre thoughts he just kept putting one foot in front of the other and let his legs carry him farther away from the No Limits building where right at this moment his husband..... no ex-husband was lost in his younger spanish lover's arms.

As he neared a clearing he heard the soft sound of sobbing emanating from a lone figure hunched over on a park bench.

So..... he wasn't the only miserable soul in Dusseldorf.

Something told him to go over.

As he neared the bench he could make it that it was a man.

Though feeling extremely awkward he approached the sobbing soul.

"Hey buddy! .....You alright?" he asked hesitantly.

The man lifted up his face to reveal swollen eyes and a tear-stained face.

" Shit!" the man wiped his face on his sleeves then asked fearfully , "Are you a cop?"

"No, just a guy."

"Then it isn't any of your fucking business!," the man exclaimed rudely before dissolving into tears once again.

Taking a wild guess Christian asked, "Death in the family."

"Yes! " the young man sniffled.

"Parent?" Christian asked.



"Then who?"

"Boyfriend," the young man whispered almost inaudibly.

"Oh!" Christian exclaimed a frown creasing his forehead, "I .... See"

"Go Ahead! Start with your lecture!" The young man spat at him.

"On what?" Christian asked confused.

"That being gay is a sin. And sinners deserve to die Blah! Blah! Bull Shit! Nothing that I haven't heard before." the young man exploded.

"Dude. Calm down! I'm the last person to judge you, cause we both belong to the same team."

The sobbing instantly ceased and the young man looked up at him in disbelief.

"Yah! Imagine that." Christian said giving him a smile.

Extending his hand towards the grief stricken man he introduced himself, "Hi! I'm Christian Mann."

"Deniz Ozturk" the man replied grasping his hand and giving it a firm shake.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Christian said politely knowing full well that the words wouldn't bring any solace to the other man.

Sitting down beside the younger man he gently prodded,

"What happened?"

"He had an inoperable brain tumour." Deniz confided between sobs. "He was there on the ice.... skating so beautifully one minute...... and then...... the next minute he was just gone." Deniz got out slowly between sobs.

"When did  it happen?" he broached furthur

"On Thursday morning. The 15th of September 2011." Deniz replied listlessly.

Christian was stunned to realize that the other man was talking about the previous day.

"Are you staying anywhere?" Christian asked him carefully.

"I'm fine on this bench." Deniz answered

His troubles seemed almost petty in front of what Deniz been through less that 48 hours earlier.

Standing up he shouldered Deniz's ruck sack and said, "Come on! You're coming with me."

"No!" Deniz yelped snatching away his arm as soon as Christian touched him.

"Buddy, No ulterior motives. I have a free bed at home in a separate room which would be a far better place to be in rather than a park bench during a snow storm."

Deniz looked up at the older man and something shifted in him. Finally he whispered, "Alright"

The two men silently walked across the park, down the road, until Christian reached back where he had started from - the No Limits building.

"We're here" he informed Deniz and led him inside.


Christian showed him where the amenities were and put him in Gregor's old room.

Once he was sure Deniz was settled in he rang up a restaurant down the street and ordered for dinner.

Deniz came out of the bathroom face scrubbed and Christian was properly able to see wat the man, actually boy looked like.

Deniz headed straight to the couch, picking up a magazine he sat flipping through it. 

"Dinner will be another half hour or so." Christian informed him.

Deniz kept staring down into the magazine but gave a slight nod. 

To fill in the silence Christian switched on the Tv and put it on the a sports channel which he assumed would be a safe bet.

Seeing that his guest was mostly oblivious to his surrounding Christian decided to make somehot chocolate for the both of them.

But his assumption about the TV was quickly shattered when he heard the magazine hit the ground and Deniz suddenly started sobbing pathetically once again.

The cause of him outburst was quickly revealed. It was the death announcement of a figure skater whom Christian himself had admired a while back. "Oh! Roman Wild died? That's really sad."

His comment only caused Deniz to howl even louder.

Christian wished he could call Olli.

He was really good at dealing with this stuff. But he couldn't call Olli during his date, now could he? So he bravely went where he had never gone before and decided to tackle this problem head on.

Sitting beside the boy he put his arms around him and pulled him to his chest. As he gently rubbed Deniz's back hoping to soothe him he saw pictures of Roman Wild being flashed on screen most of them taken during performances but a few off ice as well and One of the pictures caught his attention. The situation was instantly clarified.

He wasn't comforting just some random man.

He was comforting Roman Wild's man.


Chapter End Notes:

This was a spur of the moment thing I am not sure whether I'll continue.....

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