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Story Notes:

As many others, I was very unhappy with the way VL had handled the homecoming of Olli. After a story of this event was requested, I thought I'd give it a try. This is how I imagine the reunion should have played out...

Chapter 1

Hotel reservation –check!
Champagne and strawberries – check!
Massage oil – check!

As Christian went down his To Do list, ticking off every last one of his notes, his hands started trembling as he became more and more nervous about Olli’s return. He shook his head, smiling at himself. This was ridiculous. They’ve known each other for how long? And still, each time, mere thoughts of Olli made his body jump into ready mode.
He only had one hour left to pick him up at LCL, since Lahnstein Enterprises decided to hold a final meeting at the LCL headquarters. Damn, but five weeks was a long time, too long for his taste, but he hoped that Olli had come back refreshed and full of new ideas for his… no, THEIR future. His guilty conscience still bothered him about the god-awful way things had ended with the old NoLimits, but as he had told Olli before his trip, he would do whatever it would take to help him build a new career outside of modeling, whatever it might be.

He planned to surprise Olli by taking him directly to the hotel. They definitely needed some alone time and since Daniel’s daughter Vivian had just moved in a short while ago, he wasn’t able to ban everyone from the flat-share. Therefore, Plan B was necessary.  

So he had asked around, had pulled some strings and – voilà – a romantic evening was born, which he was very proud of, since usually Olli was the one more apt in the romantic department. He had always considered himself more of a low-key kind of person, blunt to the point of occasional offense and flowers only came to mind when he had to make good on something. But not this time! The hotel room was perfectly set up and he couldn’t wait to put into action all he had planned to do with his husband.

The meeting turned into a never-ending nightmare. Nervously sliding back and forth in the modern-styled, yet very uncomfortable chair, Olli kept watching the clock on the wall only to realize that time seemed to be standing still. Three minutes passed since the last time he had checked. Why LCL insisted on this final meeting so late in the evening was beyond him, but unfortunately, he had no choice but to attend. Yet, he wanted nothing more than to go home and wrap himself up in Christian. Feel his arms around him, let his hands roam and take in the unique and intoxicating scent which was his husband’s. Sure, they’ve talked on the phone almost every day, even getting down and dirty every so often, but it was a pathetic substitute for the real thing. Shaking himself out of his hot reverie, he embarrassingly glanced around the room to see whether anyone had noticed him not paying a damn bit of attention, but it seemed everyone else was caught up in their own thoughts as well. But for god’s sake, knowing that Christian was supposed to pick him up and that the man in question was probably already downstairs waiting for him, didn’t make the agony of sitting through this meeting any better.

As the meeting finally came to an end, Olli nearly jumped out of his seat and was the first one out the door. As he came around the corner, he literally stopped in his tracks. He ran his hand across his chest as his heart skipped a beat when he saw Christian impatiently pacing in the lobby of LCL down below, his long legs eating up the distance between entrance and staircase. His arms were crossed over his broad chest and his hair was a mess as if he had just recently run his fingers through it… again. The sleeves of his gray button-down shirt were rolled up over his forearms and his faded jeans rode comfortable on his hips.
Five weeks! Was it even possible, after having been together for four years, to nearly suffocate by the mere sight of his husband? It was beyond Olli’s understanding, but God, he was so proud of him, proud to have someone like Christian by his side, even if he did look like a little kid awaiting punishment just now. As he finally began his quiet decent down the staircase, Christian abruptly turned his head, his body slowly following and his eyes taking in every inch of his body. Olli felt the sudden rise in temperature in the hall, his cheeks burning and the sudden sheen of sweat covering his back felt almost cool against his shirt as those dark sapphire eyes finally locked with his, staring straight into his soul.

Christian’s eyes bore into Olli, his body slowly following to face him and he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs to save his damn life. Olli looked like an apparition, slowly coming down the stairs, closer and closer. His green eyes sparkled like emeralds and never wavered from his while a hint of a smile crossed his face.  Christian took a short intake of breath, than another and allowed himself a few seconds to simply stare. Even though he must have been exhausted, Olli looked like he just walked off a page from GQ magazine, the white dress pants enhancing his slim hips to perfection and his sky blue shirt, stretched across his well-defined chest, emphasizing his flawless tan. Christian knew he was ogling, but hell if he cared. This was HIS man! He was simply overwhelmed by the moment and words were difficult to come by, but damn if those unspoken words didn’t promise a hell of a reunion.

As Christian gradually closed the distance between them, he pushed his left hand down his front pocket, causing his jeans to ride dangerously low, while his right hand slid through his hair, finger-combing the dark-blond strands for the umpteenth time, making them stand on end.  His hair had gotten longer and Olli knew it wouldn’t be long before he would get it cut, but damn if it didn’t make his heart want to break out of its confines as his fingers itched to fix the rebellious strands. Watching Christian approach, he felt like a teenager on his first date and how the hell was this even possible after all this time?

Fuck! Christian needed to get a grip on himself! What was he? 12? But going by the butterflies in his stomach, anyone watching would think they had just met for the first time. His right arm nervously reached out to touch his husband’s left shoulder, only to gently slide down to his biceps, words failing him. Giving the hard muscles a light squeeze, he hesitantly leaned in to gently peck Olli on the lips. He had never been a huge fan of PDA, but the barely audible groan coming from Olli rushed through him like an electrical current, starting in his muddled brain and quickly going south to settle in his groin in a manner of seconds. The warmth radiated off of Olli, his distinctive scent and just a hint of his aftershave penetrating Christian’s every fiber, made it difficult for him to concentrate. He tried to get his excitement under control and to ignore the fire burning in the depth of those intense jade-green eyes, but he failed miserably. Simply watching those long dark lashes lowering, zeroing in on his own lips almost caused his brain to short-circuit. So to avoid making a total ass of himself in front of his husband’s employer, all he was capable of doing was to mumble a quite “Missed you!” while grabbing his left hand and dragging him out the glass doors. The time for waiting was over!

Chapter End Notes:

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