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Author's Chapter Notes:

The death of Olli's mother brings back Christian and a lot of memories from Meppen.

Christian arrived at the cemetery when little snowflakes began to fall, the weather was so cold that he could see his breathing through the air. He looked into the place and was not difficult to see where the burial was being done. He walked fast up to the cluster of people, and saw his husband in front of the coffin. Olli was next to Charlie and he had his head down. He wasn’t crying in that moment, but Christian could feeling his pain. Christian understood him completely, he was in that position few years ago.

Christian walked between those people until to get behind Olli, he put his arms over Olli’s shoulder. The older man, looked at him with surprise. “Christian?” - “Hey…” Christian kissed his forehead lovely “I’m here!” And hugged him. Olli put his head on Christian’s right shoulder, he started to think how much these last months were hard without his husband close. The nights alone, the problems with Tristan and now his mother’s death, he couldn’t hold back his tears anymore, he hugged Christian and cried on his arms.

The burial had finished few minutes after the blond man had arrived, and Christian and Olli were walking slowly hugging each other, Charlie was next to them, they walked toward Charlie’s car when a man had stopped in front of them.

“Hi” he extended his hand to greet Olli “You’re Oliver Sabel. Right?” Olli, looked at him, but didn’t make a move. Christian nodded and gave his hand at the man “Hey, I’m Christian Mann, Olli’s husband.” The man couldn’t hide his discomfort. “I..arh… I’m Lucas Trent, I’m his mother’s executrix.”

“ Oh, Hi… Sorry, but Olli isn’t feeling good now.”

“I understand. Well… Iike I said, I’m the executrix and I’ve to talk to your… arh..." He cleared his throat. "...husband about his inheritance.” Christian looked from the man to his husband, Olli just shook his head in denial. “Sorry, it’s not a good time, maybe later.” The man nodded. “No problem… will you stay in Meppen? I can call you later to make an appointment.”

“ Sure… We’ll be in the Olli’s mother’s house”

“ Good, I’ll call you…” the man waited for a tip.

“ … uhmm.. to-mo-rrow.” Christian finally said hesitant.

“ Ok. Tomorrow, then... and … my condolences.”

Christian and the others just nodded in thanks. Just few people came to give the condolences to Olli, almost everyone looked at Christian with disapproval eyes. They just ignored them and few minutes after, they got into Charlie’s car.


Charlie stopped the car in front of a big, but comfortable house, the way from the cemetery until Olli’s mother’s house didn’t spend more than few minutes. And during this time Charlie had asked Christian about his trip from England. Christian explained to her how fast he finished the things there, to come back in time for the burial. Olli listened everything without say a word during the route.

Everybody got out of the car, and Christian continued the conversation with Charlie as they walked toward the house. But, Olli couldn’t pay attention on their conversation… He looked at the house and remembered about a distant time… he saw himself trying ride a little bike… he smile with the corner of his mouth with that memory. “Did you have the keys?” Christian asked Charlie. “ Yes, it’s with me.” She said and then opened it.

He looked forward and saw that Charlie and Christian were already inside the house, "HIS house, now" he thought. Just few steps later, and he was in the living room, but his mind was very distant from therefrom… now he was 18 years old, it was raining outside, and he and his mother was screaming with each other. “ THIS IS WRONG OLLI, THIS ISN’T A NORMAL THING.” “ ISN’T NORMAL? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? THAT AM I NOT A NORMAL PERSON? LOOK AT ME MOM I’M PERFECTLY NORMAL, I’M JUST…” “NORMAL? DO YOU THINK…” She suddenly stopped screaming “You are right, maybe this is my fault, but we can fix that, you can see a doctor…” She was saying while she took the phone. “I’M NOT SICK MOM.”

“Olli??? Hey what’s going on?” Olli woke up from his thoughts “hum?” He said, still confused. “You were look stranger.” “I’m… I’m just tired.” “ Hey..” Christian said as put his arms around Olli's waist. “Go upstairs, try sleep a little” He looked at his husband lovely.

Olli couldn’t ignoring those warm eyes, he was glad to have someone in his back. He gave a little smile to his husband. “Sure. I will.” - “Ok, I left my things in the bus station when I arrived. So, I’ll go there to pick it up.” He gave him a quick kiss on his lips. He wasn’t sure if his husband would be fine, but he knew that Olli needed some time alone. “I’ll be here soon.” Olli nodded, but didn’t say anything. He turned around to the stairs, and he felt Christian’s eyes follow him go upstairs.


It was morning when Olli woke up, he looked through the window and could see the sun lights. It was winter but wasn't snowing, and he could heard the song from a little bird, then he realized that the sound wasn't common where they lived in Dusseldorf. Suddenly, he remembered where he was, and why it was so hard to breath. He wanted to continue sleeping but he couldn’t. He thought in his mother, on the burial, in Christian… He came back from England just because of him… where was he? He said something about bus station… maybe he already was back Olli thought without realize, that this had hapened on the day before today. Few minutes later, Olli got up.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Christian and Charlie was having a discussion about the breakfast. “Pancakes!” Christian was incisive. “No Christian.. Olli need something to…” Charlie was arguing when they saw Olli. “Hey, did you woke up? How are you feeling? Better?” Christian said as walked up, then he kissed his husband’s lips gently. “Good morning” Olli smiled with the corner of his mouth, about those lots questions in the same time. “Yeah! Good morning.” Christian gave him a hug. “Charlie and I were cooking some food to the breakfast.” “I can see that” Olli was trying to demonstrate some interest. “Tell us what do you prefer… pancakes or eggs?” Christian said emphasizing the ‘pancakes’. He took a mug with coffee and gave it to Olli without ask him if he wanted, because he already knew the answer. “Thank you.” Olli just said. “You are welcome.” Christian answered smiling “And?” - “Huhg?” - “Breakfast” His husband shock his head and raised  his eyebrow. “I don’t know..” Christian looked at Charlie. “So, what will we do?”

“Eggs” Charlie said finishing the discussion.

Olli sat down on the kitchen bench. “How many time I slept?” Christian put his arms on the Olli’s shoulders, and wrapped him from behind. “Let me see, you were  already sleeping, when I came from the bus station… humm... 12 hours, maybe .” Then, he kissed his neck “That much?” Olli frowned. “Charlie had said, that you didn’t sleep these last days…” Christian was talking as stroked Olli’s arms and looked at him carefully. “So, I left you sleep few more time.”

“Yeah, everything happened so fast, then I had to take care about the hospital, about the burial, about…” The last few days passed through his head and he almost cried thinking on it.  “Hey…” Christian put his right hand on Olli’s chin and turned it around, and looked into his eyes. “ I’m here now, and I’ll support you whatever you need” Olli gave him a little smile and kissed him. “I know, And I love you for that.” Olli got up and turned around to put himself in front of Christian, he closed the distance and they kissed slowly.

“ Guys… I hate to interrupt you two now, but the eggs are almost finished, could you arrange the table to the breakfast?”

“Sure…” they said together, but Christian put his hands on Olli’s shoulder and made him sit down. “ You stay here… I’ll do it?” He gave him other two kisses before to go work in the breakfast table. Christian didn't had finished the table when the phone rung. Olli got up and picked up the phone. “Sabel… Oh.. yes I remember you… Sure, you can come today at… 3 o’clock, no problem. Yeah Christian will be here too. Ok bye.” Olli hung out the phone off and looked at them. They were stare at him waiting curiously for an explanation. “Lucas Trent” Christian and Charlie continued without understand “the executrix”. They nodded

The morning went away quickly, after the breakfast they begun to package the Henriette’s things, clothes, shoes, books… There was a moment when they were packing the pictures and Olli found a lot of pictures from himself, included photos from the period when he and his mother weren’t talking with each other, and Olli couldn’t avoid a tear roll down on his cheeck. Christian comforted him and used his fingers to dry the tear, and Olli looked at him thankfully. They didn’t say anything, it wasn't necessary.

Lucas Trent came at 3 o’clock and he explained to them about the inheritance, his mother wasn't rich, but she had some possessions (the house, other 3 places rented at midtown in Meppen, one farm leased, one car and a partner club). Lucas emphasized that he would get a buyer to the partner club easily. Christian was shocked with the prejudice of those people, but he didn’t say a word. Olli listened everything what that man was telling without interrupt him. He already knew that his mother’s financial situation wasn't bad, but he was surprised with her hability to manage so well his father’s inheritance. After clarify some points like, the big time this kind of process could get to finish, and after to get Olli and Christian's signature the man was gone.

After that pause, they spend the rest of the day with packing and cleaning. They were in the living room when they finished the package job. Olli was standing behind the couch looking at the kitchen, he had heard Christian grumble about food, but he didn’t pay attention on it.

“Hey Christian this sausage need more salt” Christian looked at Henny with a large smile “Henny, we agreed that I’m the chef today, so let me do it” Henriette no bothered herself “I know, I know Christian, but listen to me, I do this recipe for years, I know what I’m saying” Christian put his hands on Henriette’s shoulders from behind, and drove her out of the kitchen “yeah, but this is my recipe, so you’ll sit down right here and just wait I finish it, like we had agreed ok?” Henriette wasn’t satisfied, but she sat down in the bench. “hey, hey , hey … my husband had success doing Heriette wait for the meal” She looked at his son smiling “Do you believe that he expelled me from my kitchen?” Olli gave her a large smile as he sat down at the bench next to his mother “Mom you are recovering yourself, and… well, I know that is impossible to believe, but Christian cooks well” Christian took a bit of garlic and threw at him “Hey” They laughed loud.



“Hey” Christian walked up, put his hands on Olli’s shoulders and called him. “Hey!” His husband looked at him with a satisfied smile in his lips. “what are you thinking?” - “You cooking for my mother”. Christian laughed loud. “Yeah, I remember that, she didn’t want to leave me alone to cook.” Olli walked through the room and sat down on the couch. “She didn’t use to accept help to cook. But, once it was you cooking, I have to agree that she was right” Christian had followed and sat down on his side. “Oh, in that case you won’t know the new and wonderful recipes I learned in England” He made a sad face and they laughed.

“Now, what about dinner?” Christian put his right arm on Olli’s shoulders “Can I order some pizza?” Olli looked at him and then at his aunt “Mhmmm, Pizza?” Christian kissed his cheek “Or we can go out at …” - “absolutely not” Olli got up and put the adhesive tape on top of a box. “We will go home as soon as we finish the pizza.” Christian frowned “Today???”


“Olli, are already 9pm we will arrive in Düsseldorf… pretty late”

"It Doesn’t matter, I can’t stay here another night”

Christian doesn’t agreed with that, but he didn’t want fight with his husband right now so he took a long breath and nodded. “Okay”

Chapter End Notes:

English isn't my language so please sorry my mistakes.

I don't know Germany. I apologyse if I used some information incorrectly (weather, geografic or anyother).

I'll wait for your review and I will continue if you liked.

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