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It was a while ago since Christian and Olli had been standing on a tennis court, but after being invited by their neighbours for a doubles, they agreed on accompanying them. They’ve never been the best players but they enjoyed themselves a lot anyway, after all Olli liked bringing himself into position in front of Christian who wasn’t able to avert his look from those firm globes. Somehow he kept on being distracted from the game and so the boys lost big-time, but they didn’t care.

When the tennis game was over, the other men hurried to the locker room, only Christian and Olli stayed behind, taking their time. It seemed both had agreed on doing so - wordlessly; they didn't need any spoken words. When they finally arrived in the locker room, the others were almost ready to leave. While Olli took off his shirt, Christian pretended to search something in his bag just to make sure the others wouldn't catch him staring. After a felt eternity the last one of the other guys said good-bye, so he could finally look at Olli properly again. Olli had taken off his other clothes as well and stood there completely naked. Christian swallowed and felt a too well known stirring down below. Olli smirked suggestively when he said:

"I know what you did out there... You stared at my ass. Do you like what you saw? So what are you waiting for?"

Without waiting for any response, he walked to the showers, his bubbly ass making sure he had Christian's full attention.

Christian almost stumbled over his pants when he tried to get rid of them while hurrying to the showers as well. His shirt also dropped to the floor, carelessly left behind. For a second he stopped at the door to the showers to watch Olli from behind. His perfectly trained body was even hotter with all of the water streaming down over him. Slowly he approached Olli, first gliding his hands over his shoulders and arms to guide them above and press them against the tiles. He pressed himself against Olli's back, letting him feel his erection between his cheeks. Hoarsely he whispered:

"Did you think of anything like this, when you teased me all the time?"

Olli grinned broadly and an amused chuckle crossed his lips. Sometimes it was just too easy to get what he wanted.

“Me? Teasing? Why would I?”

With a swift motion, Christian turned him around and pressed himself against his naked front, feeling Olli’s erection rubbing against his own. With one hand he still held one of Olli’s arm in place above his head, while his other wandered to Olli’s neck.

“Yeah, why would you…?”

They stared into each others eyes for a while before they couldn’t stand it anymore and clashed their mouths together. Christian pulled Olli in closely, darting for his lips like a starving man for something to eat as if he needed him to survive. And Olli was grateful to feed him with whatever he needed.

Their tongues rubbed against each other, exploring the cavities they knew too well by heart. Their kiss became even more feverish, heated by the hot water rushing down on them, leaving them breathless. Panting they parted, locking eyes again, and when Olli licked suggestively over his lower lip to bite into it after and digged his fingers deep into Christian’s butt cheeks, a deep groan out of Christian’s throat filled the room.

Suddenly Olli found himself turned around again, his own butt cheeks being parted by Christian’s cock, teasing him… no… torturing him by gliding over his entrance over and over again. He really had to stop that and shift up a gear… His cock, his ass, his body… HE needed him. Now.

Christian looked down and watched himself rubbing over Olli’s perfect skin. The sight was almost too much for him, so he closed his eyes. This guy made him crazy - always had. Though he was fully aware of the danger of being caught in the act, he couldn't care less. His yearning was unbearable, he needed him right now. Wholeheartedly, with his body and soul.

He looked around and found a bar of soap lying on a tray. When Christian let go of him, Olli wanted to protest but then he spotted the soap as well. A grin spread over his face and he pressed himself even closer against the groin behind him. Christian rolled the soap between his hands til there was pretty much foam covering them. He stepped back a bit and pushed Olli's back forward, making his bubbly ass stand out like it did on the court.

Taking deep breaths, Christian let his hands run down the muscular back, massaging it on his way down. He collected more foam from the soap and let one hand glide between Olli's cheeks, down to his balls and back up. Olli's legs quivered noticeably, his aching boner screaming for release.

"Christian, let me feel you inside of me. Now!"

The urgent sound in his voice let Christian hurry to cover his own cock up in foam. He lined himself up behind Olli, guiding his cock to its destination, resting it at the rim of the puckered entrance. His hands went back to Olli's shoulders, clutching them.

"I've been waiting for this all the time..."

"Me t..."

The "too" ended up in a loud moan, because Christian pulled Olli backwards and pushed his cock forward at the same time. He overcame the first resistance quickly, spreaded him and glided deep into Olli.

Burried up to the hilt, Christian closed his eyes for a moment, taking in the feeling of being enveloped completely by those silky walls which contracted around him.

Olli tried to catch his breath again. With Christian deep inside he felt so full. Physically and emotionwise. Whenever they were together, they were connected in a special way, completing each other to a healthy whole.

When Christian started to rock his groin, the world around them disappeared and became unimportant. They only registered themselves, how their hot bodies moved in unison. Everything else was in a blur, the steam rising up from the hot water also clouding their minds.

Christian’s hands wandered over the flushing skin of Olli's back and finally went to his front again to raise him and pull him close. The more body contact they had the better. He embraced him as if he never wanted to let him go again and took away the last bit of breath Olli thought he still had.

Almost desperately Olli tilted his head to get close to the lips which could offer him the air he needed. His hands ran through the wet blond strands, pulling Christian’s head nearer. Hungrily their mouths met, their tongues dipping deep, tasting their favorite meal. Christian loved food but if he only had to live from this, he had no problem to survive easily.

Breathlessly they parted again, Olli clutching the tray in front of him for at least a bit support. The man behind him drew him out and he was ready to give him everything he had.

Suddenly Christian stopped his even strokes, stayed deep inside and leaned in closely to whisper into Olli's ear.

"Olli, this is... You are perfect."

A groan escaped his lungs when Olli flexed his muscles around him, massaging him in agreement. With his lips still at the ear, he nibbled at it, muttering a silent, trembling "Yeah", letting his hot breath tickle Olli’s skin.

Slowly but firmly he began to move again while one hand went down to caress Olli's cock which had to suffer from a lack of attention before. Christian felt how Olli shivered the moment his hand engulfed his awaiting cock. Being treated with the same rhythm from the front and behind, Olli couldn't stand it much longer.

He looked down and saw Christian pulling his foreskin back over his glans, teasing the leaking slit with his thumb. That was too much for Olli.

"I... I..."

"Let go. I'll hold you."

Olli grabbed for Christian’s arm that still held him in a tight embrace, letting himself fall completely with the knowledge of being caught. His whole body clenched and ached before it released the tension and let him come in streams of hot cum, covering Christian’s fingers. His legs turned to jelly but he was caught by strong arms, holding him upright, milking him but recharging him as well.

When Christian felt that Olli came, he held him even closer, eager to keep his promise. But it demanded a lot of will power from him not to jump over the edge with Olli at the same time and crash on the floor.

Only when he noticed that Olli was back on his feet safely, he allowed himself to let go. He could save some of the cum on his fingers before it got washed away by the water, so he guided his fingers to his mouth and licked it off.

The taste on his tongue made his brain explode and his cock followed immediately. His own cum flooded Olli's inside and glued them together. Holding on for his dear life as well Christian felt every stream leaving his cock. The intensity he could only feel with Olli made him almost numb. Only slowly his conscience returned again and he pulled out of Olli reluctantly.

The second he was out, both turned around to face each other again. Their mouths met for an intense, but slow kiss before they parted and looked deeply into each others eyes. Christian trailed his finger over Olli's eyebrow first and than over his still damp lips. His look was still in awe and astonishment.

"Gosh! Olli, what do you do with me?"

"I get the best out of you..."


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