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Author's Chapter Notes:

Olli Sascha and a few cocktails :-)

"Hey Sascha, do you have time tomorrow evening?" Olli just processed the order lists.

Sascha, who had just wiped the last table, shook his head. "Sorry, tomorrow is Ladies Night in the club and a buddy helps me to get in anyway." he told Olli, grinning.  

Olli forced himself to answer Sascha's smile. "Sure, I see."

Sascha got the undertone in Olli's voice and asked "Why do you need me?"

"You know, we have this cocktail party next week and I need a tester for my new creations."

"Ah, ok." Sascha looked at the clock. It was just before eleven. "How about now? Do you have time?" - "Now?" Olli was a little surprised but he nodded. "Sure., But prepare yourself for something." - "Do you think I can't take anything?" Sascha smiled. "Challenge accepted!"


Half an hour later Olli had built different glasses in front of Sascha. The cocktails shone in the brightest of colors. He pointed at purple cocktail. "This one has it all: Blue Curacao, Lime, Triple Sec and elder with a shot of gin." Sascha took the glass and looked skeptical. "And this tastes good?" Olli grinned. "That's why you're here!" Sascha turned the glass back and forth. "All or nothing" he murmured, sucking on the straw. He had the face warped in expectations of a nasty taste but then he laughed. "Hey that is really good! Does it have a name?" "Nope," Olli shook his head. "I thought maybe we will find some." Sascha continued drinking, the glass was almost empty on a train. Olli looked at the empty cocktail glass. "Do you think that's a good idea to drink so fast?" - "Sure, no problem." Sascha pointed to the next glass, a cocktail that was half red half milky yellow. "What's that?" Olli handed him the glass. "Vodka as a base, with banana liqueur and gin with a splash of lemon." - "Sounds adventurous. Bring it on." Sascha took a big gulp. "It's not bad, a bit sweet for my taste." But in no time he had emptied the glass. Olli laughed. "You put a real pace. Keep it up and in two cocktails you're lying under the table." Sascha smirked and looked him in the eyes. "I think then you have to pick me upstairs. " Olli stared at him. Was Sascha really flirting with him? Sascha interrupted their eye contact, pointing at the next cocktail. "What's in there?" - "So you really should drink this one slow. That's Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec and lime with blackberry syrup." - "Running With Scissors." Sascha grabbed the glass and tried. "Wow, this is the best so far." Olli raised his glass with the same cocktail high, which had been standing behind the counter and grinned broadly. "I think so too." They clinked and drank each. From the corner of his eye Olli saw that Sascha swayed a little. "Everything ok with you?" Sascha laughed. "Yeah, just a bit hot in here, don't you think?" He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out. Olli could hardly tear himself away from the sight of his muscles under the tight black t-shirt. Sascha noticed it, but did not say anything. Instead he emptied his cocktail. "What's next?" he asked. "Um." Olli, to whom the flirty undertone in Sascha's voice was not lost, shrugged. "I'm afraid these were all new creations." - "Ok then, I would like once again test the last cocktail." He stood up and came around the counter, swaying slightly. Olli looked at him questioningly. "Well," Sascha said, placing himself very close to Olli, "if I have to mix the cocktails soon I must know how to do it." - "Ok." Olli took a little step back. Had Sascha always have to get in his personal space? Sascha did as when he noticed nothing and watched as Olli put the various ingredients into the shaker, shook it and poured the drink into a new glass. Finally he garnished it with a little cocktail umbrella and put the glass on the counter. "Now its your turn" Sascha grabbed the mixer and the various bottles one after the other, by accident touching Olli in doing so. He saw the goose bumps on his arm and chuckled. "Am I turning you on?" Olli swallowed hard, he hadn't expected a direct question like this. "N-no. Why?" Sascha put down the bottle of Captain Morgan and turned to Olli. "You're really nervous." He laughed again, then he became serious. "Listen, it does not bother me. It's ok if you do like me. I can compete with it." Olli backed away. "What makes you think that I'm into you?-This is totally silly and completely out of thin air." Sascha was serious. "Is that so, yes?" Olli nodded vigorously. "What a shame." Sascha smiled, moved closer and ran his index finger gently over Olli's chest. "If you do change your mind, I always wanted to try how it is with a man before."

Anger boiled up in Olli and he pushed Sascha roughly aside. "Who do you think who you are, huh? 'Mr. Irresistible I can have them all - regardless of whether they have feelings or not?" Sascha stared at him speechless. "You-I did not know-" - "Yes, and now you know. So leave me the hell alone and save your pickup line for the girls tomorrow." Angry Olli trudged out of the No Limits.  "Do not forget to complete here," he said coldly, slamming the door behind him.

 Sobered and baffled Sascha remained alone.

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