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Story Notes:

This story start in march, 2014 and Olli is trying to move on after he and his husband have broke up six months before.

@ My english is not good, so please forgive me any mistake.

Author's Chapter Notes:


The cold weather was intense, as always in March, even in the late afternoon. But the cold wind that touched his face didn’t prevent the sweat to drain down his forehead and Olli felt his face burning, with the effort made in this last hour, running through the park. But he had no intention to stop now. He couldn’t help it, he needed to move, even though he wasn’t really a sport’s guy, it was the best thing he could do at this point. He didn’t want to stay at home watching his friends trying to make him feel better. And taking refuge into his room, it was too painful, all the memories of a happy life he had and all the plans they had made together... No!! His home was definitely not a good place.

He had even swapped shifts to work full time, because at least at work he could remain centered. Only few moments when the place activity declined, his mind turned to his misery feelings and the things got blurry and his mind became dark again. In those moments he tried to keep busy as much as possible, making drinks, cleaning  tables, even knowing that those activities weren't part of his function. It had been like this since the last six months, working non-stop day after day.

But he knew he couldn’t continue in this way, he needed some distraction, he needed to do something else but working. That's why he decided to start running, and it really worked, during the last two weeks the exercises kept his body exhausted, and at the end of the evening he fell asleep almost instantly after he lay, without thinking about his past relationship, and how much he was hurt with everything that had happened. 

Olli’s thoughts were interrupted because he stumbled on a sloping ground and turned his foot. What just happened made him feel an intense pain and Olli stopped immediately and sat on the floor. The pain was so strong that he barely noticed the athletic body just kneelt next to him, worried countenance, offering him help.

"Is everything okay?" Olli looked up and quickly spat his bad mood and frustration over the man next to him. "No, I'm sitting down to the floor and moaning in pain, just for fun." Olli said with a grimace on his face because of the pain he was feeling. "I'm sorry, I guessed... I must be wrong, have fun then." The man stood up and was about to leave, and Olli could not believe this idiot would left him there. Though it wasn't late, the park was completely empty because of the cold weather, and Olli watched him  incredulously. "Uh... aren't you going to help me? " Olli groaned in pain when his foot touched inadvertently the ground.  The man turned around, gave him a questioning look. "Uh ... Help? I thought you were having fun right now. " The man was clearly joking with him, what left Olli pissed off. "What an idiot" He thought and tried to get up, but the movement made the pain even more poignant and it made him scream and fall again. This time he lay on the floor with his hand holding his left knee folded over him, to prevent his foot from touching the ground.

He closed his eyes and when he opened it, he saw the man was crouched next to him, with his arms resting on his own knees and his hands was clasped. "You have a strange way to make fun, you know that?" Olli closed his eyes again and rested his head against the floor. He deserved it, for being a bit coarse just a moment ago.

The pain was still excruciating, but he managed to lean his elbow on the floor and get up a bit, to look at the man who was still kneeling next to him. Then, he noticed the striking features of the man, and swallowed. "I should apologize... I was... well, the pain is very strong and I'm in a bad mood. Sorry." The man looked through the park and then looked back at him, and their eyes met, and Olli got lost for a few seconds, into the beautiful color of the eyes that was staring at him.

"My foot turned in a gap and ..." he groaned in pain again because of a small movement he just did. "... I don’t know, it seems to be broken." The man bent down and helped him to sit down and then gently touched Olli’s ankle, to examine it closer. "I don’t believe it is broken, is offset for sure." He looked up and their eyes met again. This time Olli could pay better attention at him, the man appeared to be his age, he had shiny and tanned skin, brown hair and beautiful blue-green eyes, and his smirk was something fascinating. "Uh ..." That smile caught him off guard. "... it is hurting like hell." The man widened the smile on his face as he held more firmly Olli’s leg and foot.

The movement caused Olli moan and squirm in pain, then he felt the Man’s eyes penetrate his again. "Tell me. Are you new here? I always do running here and I noticed  you lately, but I don’t remember having seeing you here before… dunno… two weeks ago?!?" Olli was mesmerized by the blue-green eyes, asking questions completely unnecessary at this point, but he had already been coarse few minutes ago and… well, he needed his help now. "Not really. I'm living in Dusseldorf for a while. But I'm not very adept to do sports, I just decided ... "

He couldn’t finish his sentence because the pain he felt was pungent with the fast moving that the strong man had made, causing the bone make a little click at the same time he let out a loud scream. "I'm sorry" Olli heard the firm and sensual voice apologize. "I needed to distract you to do that." Olli smiled with the corner of his mouth.

He had to admit that the pain had diminished considerably. "Uh ... Sure ... I mean, no problem." There was a while, since Olli hadn't felt so intimidated by someone, and just now, he was feeling like a fool, sitting there acting like a silly child. He cleared his throat. "Thanks ... that helped a lot ..." he tried to get up as he was talking "…the pain still subsided a lot." Then he grimaced for supporting his foot. "Hey, wait ..." The man hadn’t a mocking smile anymore, quite the opposite, his face looked worried. "I only fix the displacement of the bone, but you still have a dislocation, you need to go to a hospital." He wrapped him around his waist to help him and Olli shivered at the close contact. "Come on, sit here." The man said as he drove him to a nearby bench.

Olli's legs were shaking, and it wasn’t because of the pain, and he tried hard to control himself as they walked. It took more than a few minutes until they found a bank and with some effort they sat down on it. "You .. by the way, are you a doctor?" Olli said smiling gratefully. "Not at all" He laughed at the question, but Olli was still awaiting for an answer. "I work for the government." Olli smiled, still puzzled. "I am a kind of cop." The man's smile widened on his face leaving him even more beautiful. Olli then disengaged himself from his arms, trying to not show how disturbed he was because of their proximity. "Oh, and you learn these things to know what is the best to torture bad guys?" The man laughed loud at the comment. "Not exactly, but as a police officer I need to stay in shape and this type of accident is more frequent than you think, so we always learn something."

"Thank you ... erhg ... " Olli didn’t know how to call him. "Alex." The man said extending his hand to him. "Alex." Olli repeated almost in a whisper as he held his hand to greet him back. "Alexander, but everyone calls me Alex. Nice to meet you ... " The beautiful and charming man stopped in mid-sentence waiting for complementing, which came two seconds later. "Oliver, ergh... Olli. I’m Olli. "

"Nice to meet you Oliver."

"Nice to meet you Alex ..."

Their eyes locked and they smiled at each other, then dropped their hands and Alex looked down at Olli's foot. "Better go to a hospital, it will need some care." Olli pursed his lips and gave a small smile. "Oh, no need to worry ... thanks for helping me." He said without knowing exactly how he would manage to get out from there and go to the hospital. "Ah ha, and how are you going to walk with this foot hurting?" Olli grimaced but said nothing. "Come on, let me... I'll help you. "

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you Aurelia!!!

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