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"Henny, beloved mother-in-law. It's nice you're calling. I'm sorry, I missed to do it for so long."
"It's all right Christian..." Henny haws a little.
"...I have a big request to you."
"How can I help you, Henny?" Christian asks sceptically.
"I was yesterday with my son in rehab."
"Olli is in a rehabilitation center. Since when? Is he sick? How is he doing?"
"He had an accident six weeks ago."
"About six weeks ago. My goodness how is he? Why hadn't anybody told me about this?"
"You remember, you're divorced! But regardless he now needs your help."
"Olli asked for me, honestly?"
"No he can't do that."
"What? Why?"
"Christian just hear me out, please."
Even it's really hard for him, Christian is now silent and listen. But he gets up and runs back and forth through the studs office.
While he is listening old pictures come up in his mind, as he sits in hospital at Ollis bed and hopes so desperately that he wakes up again. And a long lost warmth flows through him.
"...and now tomorrow the three weeks of rehab will be over and he can still remember nothing, which was later than his 18th birthday. I've convinced him, that it is better to come with me first. It was hard enough to make him believe, that we don't have problems anymore and that I love and accept him like he is."
"But Henny why I? Andy told me he do have a boyfriend, what did he say to this?"
"Doc Helmke, yes. But Olli cannot remember him too and all his visits have brought nothing. Oh Christian we need to do something. Olli has withdrawn within completely. It hurts so terrible to see him like that. He has lost his joys of living, his courage and his whole vitality. You are my last hope. He has loved you more than anything else, maybe..."
She let the words hang in the air. But Christian can hear, that she's fighting with her tears. He breathes deeply and says,
"Give me an hour, I call you back."

Two days later.
"Look Oliver, who comes to see me here."
"Hello good morning!" Olli don't really look up.
"Hi Olli long ago we've seen us last. Oh man what are you doing? But sorry wait a minute. Henny this is for you. I hope you like it. I'm happy to see you again."

Christian embraces her and gives her a light kiss at her cheek.

" You really look younger each time."
"That's so nice, Christian. You really didn't have to. These flowers are so beautiful. Thank you!"
Now however Olli looks up.
The voice of this man is pleasant, somehow unusual familiar. That makes him curious now.
"You are Christian? Then you are my ex-husband?"

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you love this story, thank you for reading and sorry for the mistakes. I tried my best, when I translated her.

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