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Oh guys! You have no idea how happy I am to be one of Christian's and Olli's towels. I already get excited when one of them enters the bathroom to take a shower and I sit on top of the shelf to be used next. Most of the time I'm able to take a peek into the shower when the curtain doesn't close properly. The hot water which runs down their bodies, first their heads, shoulders, back, some of it disappearing in the cracks of their butts, steams up the room making me a bit wet. Scratch the "bit" when they turn around and I can see them stroking their cocks. They might say they want to clean it, but I know better.

I could almost jump into their arms when one of their arms comes out of the shower grabbing for me. Shortly after, they rub me over every part of their bodies, their muscles, and I've seen the place where no sun is shining. They don't notice, but usually I take a quick lick with my tongue over their clean entrances wishing I could get even closer. But then I'm wrapped around their hips, snuggled up with their cocks which move slightly over my skin, causing me to shiver on the outside. Everytime I pray that the other one comes in as well, because better than feeling one of their hot naked bodies is feeling both of them.

Sometimes I'm lucky. I can see it in their faces when they come in to have some fun. Usually I end up being trapped between their groins, their by the time hard cocks pressing against my sensitive skin, trying to get more friction by rubbing over me. They kiss for a while, I break out on a sweat between their hot skins and feeling what's going on between them. But at some point unfortunately it has to end. One of their hands grabs for me, loosing me, and before I'm dropped to the floor, I try to stroke against their cocks one more time, exposing them to the cold air.

Now I'm down on the floor, sometimes they even step on me, but I don't care, this is the best that could happen to me. Front row seats so to speak. I can clearly see how one is entering the other, sliding in, slapping his balls against the ass cheeks of the other. Their moans fill the room and I can't imagine any other sweeter sound. They come, leaving traces of their love everywhere and they take me up to let me lick up all of their cum. Yes, they use me, but I love it.

When they leave me behind, I slowly dry, getting hard myself, smiling by the memory of what just happened and looking forward to the next time when I'm on top of the shelf. If they could only use me more for their fun times. I'm all in for being rubbed over their whole bodies making them getting off with me and swallowing their lovely juices right where they come out.

Well, a towel can dream...



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