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What did Tristan say about your taking more time off so unexpectedly?” Christian asked as they were on their flight to London.

He wasn't happy about it, but I convinced him that it was an emergency situation and that the staff was well trained to handle the place in my absence. After all, I've worked hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly when I'm on a modeling assignment. Tristan agreed to look over any supply orders before they're placed. So, as far as I know I'll still have a job there when I return.”

Is it so important to you to have that particular job when you go back?”

Well, I do have to make a living, and there are some things I enjoy about it. In all fairness to Tristan, he has been pretty cooperative when I have to leave to do my modeling thing, even though he can be a real asshole at times about other things.”

Leaning over to whisper in Olli's ear, “Whatever happens I can't tell you how relieved I am that you found a way to forgive me. I can't even imagine what I would have done if I'd lost you, Olli.”

Very quietly and calmly Olli looked into Christian's eyes and replied, “Christian, I haven't actually said that I forgive you, only that I love you and don't want to lose you. We have a lot of work to do to try to figure out why this keeps happening to mess up our marriage, but this is not the place to get into this. We don't have any privacy here. We can talk about it after we get there and settle in. Are we going to be staying in your apartment, or should we get a hotel room for a couple of days?”

Christian flushed red with embarrassment for having jumped the gun with his assumption but wasn't going to start an argument here on the plane. He rebounded quickly enough to answer, “Olli, I have to go back to work right away, so I need to be right there where I can do that. The stud farm is well outside of London, and Mrs. Luke was very kind to have given me that studio apartment over the stable offices as part of my job. You know I'm always more or less on call in case there's a problem, and I'll have a lot to catch up on after having been gone for three weeks. I've used up my personal time off for a while, but unless there's a problem with one of the horses that requires close monitoring I do get weekends off. Maybe you can go into town while I'm working to do some shopping and see the sights. I know you like London a lot. We'll still have nights and at least one weekend to do whatever we want, and I know what I want. I want to spend as much time as possible in bed with you!”

After landing at Heathrow and grabbing some fish and chips and a couple of beers at one of the airport concessions, they were now on the last commuter train of the night for the 30 minute trip to the village near the stud farm. There was only one other passenger in their car at this time of night, and he was sitting way in the back, away from them. Still, Olli decided not to broach the subject he knew Christian didn't want to get into again while they were on the train. But, once safely in Christian's apartment Olli spoke up.

Christian, the first item on our agenda tomorrow is to get you tested. As I told you earlier I went to the clinic to get tested the day after you told me about this latest cheating. After I'd calmed down a bit and was thinking more rationally and realized that if you couldn't remember what happened then that also meant that you couldn't be absolutely certain that you were safe. I don't have the test results yet, but they said they'd call me as soon as they're in.” Olli's voice trembled ever so slightly when he said, “Of course, if it's positive for HIV they won't tell me that over the phone. I'll have to go in in person. Until we have a clean bill of health we're going to have to continue to use condoms, like I said. And, that means also getting tested again a few months from now.”

Yes, I know you're right, although I told you that I did notice an open condom packet on the nightstand on her side of the bed when I woke up in the morning.” Christian knew this was a weak argument and was panicking a bit again at the thought that his stupidity might have exposed Olli, both of them actually, to one or more serious diseases.

But you can't be sure that that wasn't left over from someone she picked up the night before! You can't remember putting a condom on, so we have to consider the possibility that neither of you put a condom on.” As he said that a wave of nausea hit Olli's stomach at the image of some random barroom skank touching his naked husband in such an intimate way. It cheapened Christian's body, cheapened Christian, cheapened their very marriage. He had to choke back the bile that was threatening to run up his throat, as well as the accusatory comment he was about to make. He was determined to remain calm and rational about this. Nothing was to be gained by going into angry drama queen mode.

Olli, are you trying to make me feel guiltier than I already do?” Christian looked genuinely hurt.

Olli tried to sound reassuring as he replied,“No, Honey, I'm just trying to be realistic. What's done is done, and now we have to deal with the possible consequences. HIV is not the only disease that can be transmitted sexually. I'm completely serious about that, by the way. I made sure they covered every base they could when I got tested.”

Well, I can't very well go to the local doctor. He's also my boss's doctor, and, yes, I know about doctor/patient privilege, but this is a small town, Olli, and I don't need my boss and colleagues gossiping about my chasing women, especially when they know that I'm married to you! Besides, I don't even know if they know anything about HIV testing locally. I wouldn't expect that they'd have much call for it in the village.”

I understand, Christian, but surely a city the size of London would have test centers, maybe even a free clinic where you could get tested for HIV and any other STD that they can possibly test for and do it anonymously. I'll look on line tomorrow for some place in London. How early can you get off work?”

I don't know for sure. We're usually finished by 5:00, but if I go in early I might be able to get away by 4:00. I'll have a lot to catch up on to get up to speed, but I don't have to do it all on my first day back.”

Okay, I'll do a search on line, make some phone calls, and let you know what's available and when. Is there anything to eat here in your apartment for breakfast?”

Just some instant oatmeal. I threw anything out that might spoil before I left for Germany. I'll grab something in the farm kitchen, and you can have the oatmeal. Maybe you could go into the village sometime tomorrow to pick up some groceries. There's usually someone headed there every day for supplies of one kind or another, so I'll see if I can arrange a ride for you.”

Sounds like a plan. Right now, though, I'm fading fast. I need to wash the travel off and get some sleep. We had to rush so much to get me ready to catch a later flight with you, plus I wasn't getting much sleep after your confession...” Olli stopped himself before he went any further with that topic. He was beyond being able to think straight tonight.

Okay, my love, let's get you washed up and put to bed. A nice hot shower should help you relax.” Christian crossed over to Olli, pulled him up, kissed him briefly, and steered him toward the bathroom.

Christian started the water running in the shower to let it get warm. He began undressing Olli carefully. Olli was standing tall even though he was clearly exhausted, but he was weaving slightly. Christian didn't want to run the risk of having him trip over anything or fall and hurt himself. He stripped off his own clothes and helped Olli into the shower. He grabbed the shampoo and massaged it into Olli's hair, which elicited a sort of barely audible purring sound from Olli. Then he gently and thoroughly worked the body wash all over Olli's body before scrubbing his own. God, how he wanted to take this man in his arms and make sweet love to him! But Olli had made it clear that what he needed tonight was sleep. This was not going to be easy. It wasn't a large shower, so they couldn't help brushing against each other, and he really didn't know how he was going to manage this. He kept trying to think to himself, Olli doesn't want sex tonight, so I won't get aroused! I won't get aroused! I won't get aroused, damn it! ...Shit! I'm getting hard! How can I not? Just look at him! Those jade green eyes that even in their drowsy state still have the power to seduce, that hard body now covered in citrus-scented soap that makes it even more irresistible, that tantalizing cock dangling there, taunting me, demanding to be touched...

Olli, turn around.”

Olli looked surprised, then concerned. “Christian, we can't. We don't have a condom here...”

Shhh, Olli, let me take care of you. You know you always sleep better after you've come.”

With that, Christian pulled Olli to him and brushed his lips against Olli's before giving him a chaste kiss. Then he slowly turned Olli around until Olli's back was pressed against him and his own fully engorged cock was rubbing against Olli's ass. He reached around and took Olli's soapy cock and balls into his hand, working from his balls up the still flaccid length of Olli's cock and back down again. Olli moaned softly and dropped his head back onto Christian's shoulder. Christian found a small spot on Olli's neck that wasn't covered with soap and kissed and nibbled on it with his lips. He slid his own cock upright between Olli's butt cheeks while his free arm went around Olli's chest to play with his quickly hardening nipples. Olli began to respond to Christian's ministrations, as his dick started to grow longer and harder with each touch, each stroke of Christian's magic hands. The slipperiness of the soap on Oll's cock was always an amazing sensation for Christian and was definitely having its effect on Olli as well, as demonstrated by his now rigid cock. His hand on Olli's dick was a major turn-on for him every time they made love, but this was incredible--so hard, so slick, so unbelievably hot! God! He could never get close enough to Olli, no matter what they did! It just wasn't physically possible. Christian gradually increased the speed and pressure as he jerked Olli off while his free hand was busy cupping and caressing Olli's balls, gliding up and down Olli's slippery stomach and chest, grazing those hard, sensitive nipples. His own cock was thrusting up and down between Olli's soapy butt cheeks, rubbing over Olli's asshole with each thrust. Christian was so hard it almost hurt. Olli was pushing back into Christian's cock while he was being stroked hard now, and Christian could tell that Olli was getting close. He was beyond “getting close” himself and had to force himself to think about something other than the slick heat of Olli's body in his arms to keep from jumping the gun. Tonight was about Olli, and he was determined that Olli was going to get off first. “Christian! I'm...” Olli gasped out as his pulsing cock shot spurt after spurt over the wall of the shower, the last bits dribbling down over Christian's fist and Olli's balls. As he came Olli thrust his pelvis forward and clenched his butt cheeks, which was all it took for Christian to let out a loud “Unnhh” and explode all over Olli's back, shooting the first of his load almost up to Olli's shoulder blades! The force of Olli's climax was so powerful that his knees began to buckle, and Christian had to wrap both arms around him to help him stay upright. He held Olli like that, kissing his neck and shoulders, as they both gasped for breath and waited for their breathing and their heartbeats to return to normal.

Sweetheart, you came like a champ! Tell me you didn't need that!” Christian smiled into Olli's shoulder.

Olli unsteadily turned around to cling to Christian, pressing their bodies together and feeling the receding hardness of their cocks. He nuzzled and kissed Christian's throat up to behind his ear and mumbled something like, “You were right. You take such good care of me.” They stayed like that, their naked bodies pressed together, heads on each others shoulders, both reluctant to be the first to let the other go, until the hot water began to run out. Christian quickly rinsed them both off and helped Olli out of the shower so he could towel them both dry.

Christian took Olli in his arms, kissed his lips, and held him as he backed out of the bathroom and toward the bed. With one hand he pulled the covers back and set Olli on the bed so he could help him get under the covers. Christian crawled over Olli, brushing his body across Olli's as he did, and turned off the light on the night stand. He got both of them under the covers and rolled over to an already asleep Olli to hold his naked body against his own from behind. He remembered Olli's words on the plane and their conversation on the train, and those feelings of guilt and fear started their low key gnawing at his conscience again. “I love you so much, Olli! Please don't ever leave me again, I'll die if you do.” he begged in a whisper. He gradually dozed off thinking to himself how incredibly lucky he was that Olli didn't break up with him after yet another idiotic screw-up on his part. He knew they weren't finished with the subject, but he also knew that he'd do whatever it took to get Olli to forgive him finally. He'd had almost eight months without Olli the last time, and he was very much aware that he wouldn't be able to survive the rest of his life like that if Olli broke up with him permanently.


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