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Story Notes:

Olli is trying to help his aunt Charlie who has troubles with her husband Frank and organize a weekend in the cabin in the woods for them. That brings up memories, not only for him, but for the new owner of this cabin too....


"Can you help me Charlie, I need a piece of butter, for my... What's wrong, auntie?"
Olli has knocked at her door. She opens with a striving friendly face, but Olli make out immediatelly, that she has cried. The sadness hanging in the air is almost tangible. Charlie answers with a generous gesture towards her kitchen and sinks heavily back in her chair. Olli places himself by her side and looks at her alerted.
"Did Bella has a relapse?"
Charlie shakes her head.
"No, no Bella is fine. I talked to her this morning. The rehap will help her and even her memory is probably coming back, piece by piece", she says with a very fragile voice.
"Then it's about Frank?"
This is the only thing Olli can imagine, that can put out his favorite auntie that badly.
A sobbing departs her.
"He was here today and picked up some cloths. It's so terrible empty without him."
Olli takes her in his arms. She burries her face heavily on his chest.
"I feel so lonely. I miss him, so badly. You know, I often was alone in former times, but never lonely. Usually I was quite happy when the guy was gone, finally after a short period of time, but Frank...
The flat and everything else is so empty..."
Olli know her feelings for good.
"Well you really have loved him, haven't you?"
He looks at her face.
"No, you still love him, right?"
Charlie nods sadly.
"Then don't you want to talk to him one more time?"
"I cannot, he offended my so badly. Every time I see things reminding me to him or Elisabeth, these pictures come up.
Pictures as he smiles at her with that look he only gaves me, as he kisses her, touches her and I don't know what else."
Of course Olli understand, he knows pictures like this, too.
How has he fought with himself and his demons after his separation from Christian. How many times this pictures ploped up in his minds eyes, Christian with any woman and also himself with Finn or Sascha. That hangs on him till today and is one of the reasons why he wasn't been able to really look him in  his eyes in those days of separation, why he couldn't have it out with Christian seriously and why he couldn't fight for his marriage.
Olli stop it!

He grumbles to himself.
You now have a new relatonship and come to that Christian did want you no longer. Finally just so little came of him, too. It was obvious, that he couldn't care less. He even hasn't  put his hand on one thing of their common possession nor has he had any claims. He has simply removed him from his life...-
But Charlie suffers and Frank too.  He met him yesterday. Frank misses Charlie dreadfully. Everyone can see this. He looks really bad. Now Olli just sighs and says,
"Do you really want to remove him completly out of your life, Charlie? Remember all the wonderful things you've experienced togehter. Frank did you so good and he is otherwise a absolutly honest man. You know that."
"But he has..."
"Yes he has. He has made a mistake, a big mistake and he regrets it deeply."
"I can't!"
"Oh Charlie, come on talk to him!"
"I can't. Everywhere a thing reminds me of him or her, I'll get just so mad and angry. I really can't do it."
"Then perhaps on a neutral ground, where nobody and nothing can bother you. I have an idea. Come on Charlie, at least talking, you owe it to you both and especially to yourself."
She shakes her head weak.
"But he..."
"Charlie don't be so unforgiving. Why don't you give you a last chance? Especially you should know how sorry one be, when something like that happened. I wouldn't bring up old things, but you former have made such mistakes too, you remember."
"Your true, but therefore this doesn't hurt less."
"I know Charlie, believe me I know, but think about it, please! Only a conversation, only a try and if you then realize that it doesn't work, you know at least you've tried it all and hasn't to blame for it later. OK?"
Thoughtfully she looks at her nephew.
"You're right, but I don't know, if I'm able to call him."
"You don't have to. I'll do it. You just have to keep the next weekend for free."
Charlie nods. Olli hugs her once again and gets up.
"And now you dry your tears and I steal a small piece of butter and then let me do."
If he already couldn't helped himself and Christian, then he has to help his aunt and Frank at least.
Back in his appartement he looks for the phone number of the rental agency of the cabin. Their cabin!
His thoughts wander off to a crackling campfire, freshly chopped wood and incredible clear blue eyes...
Get a grip in you!! It doesn't mean anything to him any longer and to you, too. Here and now this is only about Charlie.
And his memories are already pushed back to the others, whom he had so carefully hidden in the deepest corner of his heart.

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