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Where is it?

He was standing in front of the bookcase, his hands sought the new publication, the seller has told him last week the book would arrive today, and he barely could control his anxiety. There were only few minutes later when he finally found it. "Training Horses" he took the exemplar and immediately turned it over to see the back cover. Imediately a sad smile blossomed on his face. There he was, with the same beautiful piercing blue eyes, looking straight into his own. The picture, like any other business picture in books was simple, there was only him and his horse. He was wearing his tracksuit, disheveled hair and a smile on his face that showed his dimple in his right cheek.

Nine years had passed and he looks like exactly the same as Olli remembered, the same beautiful blue eyes, with the same joviality and perfect smile, looking from his perspective he had not aged a day, maybe one or two wrinkles near the eyes, but his hair was still blond and shiny without any white hair. 'So different of mine' the sad man thought, then he closed his eyes and remembered what he said once about his hair.

"...but your gray hairs ... I like them ... because they show me where our love has come along and how much time we are together ... all things we overcame with... I hope we will stay together for a long long long time ... until I see them completely white."

His memories made the pain hidden deep in his chest surfacing again. "This is ridiculous!" He whispered angrily to himself "There have been nine years and I still ..." a fury always, followed by pain. He shook his head to get free from the thoughts, put the book back on the shelf and turned around... but he stopped, and then, just few seconds later he turned around and grabbed the book again, at the cover there was a picture of a horse, a beautiful stallion. He Leafed through it and stopped at one of the first pages of the book in which there were only a few words on the right corner on bottom of the page.


Thanks to my son Daniel, who is always looking over my shoulders barely waiting the chapter of the day, never going to bed without read and comment it.

And my eternal gratitude to O.S. who first encouraged me to write. I will never forget you.


This time he couldn’t hold back the tears burning in his eyes, which was making the words danced in front of him. Then he took a deep breath, closed the book, used the back of his right hand to wipe the tears off his face and walked toward to the seller. He could already hear his aunt saying to him "Oh dear... why do you still do that to yourself? You just prolonging your suffering on each book you buy.” Followed by his own answer. "I couldn’t help Aunt, I couldn’t help it."

He walked up to the seller, who was now looking at him with his best smile, built to satisfy customers, he knew very well. "So did you find the book?" - "Not thanks to you," he thought, but said nothing, he just nodded. "How much is it?" The man put the book in a transparent bag with the bookstore add and gave it to Olli. "It's $ 29.45." He took the card and handed it to the still smiling man when a voice came from behind him and his heart escaped a beat... "Hello, please. Is Mr. Klein there?" He couldn’t believe his ears, it was surely playing with him, with his heart. "Who is asking?” The seller asked, but all Olli could hear was his poor heart that, now pounding harder and faster and his palms were sweating cold, and a mixture of feelings ... fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, pleasure, satisfaction and happiness ... invaded his body, mind and soul. "Christian Mann. I came to talk about the autograph night."

He turned around slowly, his hands grabbed the bag with such force that his nails has hurt the palm of his own hand.


The beautiful blue eyes smiled at him.



It was when his eyes got open.


Chapter End Notes:

As I said this is a one shot story and I will very much appreciate if you tell me what do you think. :)

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